I look forward to seeing further results
828: By the end of my first month of taking 828 in conjunction with a very strict eating plan and moderate exercise, I lost 3kg. During the festive season I, as most people do, left behind all my will power and did barely any physical activity. To my surprise, I didn't put the weight back on, even though I was back to bad eating habit and had run out of 828. In my experience, once one stops a fat burner, the weight is almost instantly regained. I was more than impressed to realise that this is not the case with 828.
Today I took my last capsule of my second 828 course, I haven't been working out and I haven't been in any sort of eating plan or healthy routine, and I have lost another 2kg. I look forward to seeing further results when I purchase another course. Thank you for the outstanding product.
Have a blessed day

I highly recommend 828
First off – amazing product. I am a 50 year old female and found myself in dire need to lose weight. None of the local products seemed to help. I made a conscious decision last year October to step on the scale I saw to my horror that my target was a whopping 20 kilos. I also took in to account that I would have to watch myself over the festive season.
Results: The first month saw me losing 5 kilos. Next – 4 kilos – what was surprisingly great that this was over the festive season – Next 4 kilos.
Comments: The product does enhance one's energy level. Notably no cravings or heart palpitations. Has eaten most of my fat.
Recommendation: I highly recommend 828 and to me the biggest and most successful element of this product is that it has helped me in the elimination of water retention. I do feel that if I was in an fitness program I would have been able to lose even more...........but then again it is a New Year. Kind regards

After 1 week on 828 I started to feel great.
Good day. I have been on many fat burner/ weight loss products, the results have been good in the past however the side effect were frightening and off putting.
When trying out the product 828 I was sceptical at first due to my past experience. After 1 week on 828 I started to feel great.
My heart rate was healthy and I had more energy then before. my eating schedule became more "normal" and the amounts consumed were less.
During the month course I didn't exercise regularly but I still saw results with fat loss. My metabolism was stimulated due to 828 which made weight loss happen without side effects. There were no side effects experienced with the product 828. I find it makes me feel more productive with exercise and just day to day activities.
In my experience other products that i have used do work short term, however the weight comes piling back. 828 is a short and long term solution to weight loss. I have recommended it to family and friends which is not something I have done with other products. Kind regards

Amazing product!!!!!
Within the first 10 days of using 828 fat burner I noticed results. I felt a lot less tired during the days and one of the biggest factors for me was that I didn't feel hungry as often! After 2 weeks people started commenting on my weight loss and I could feel a huge difference in my clothing! I exercise regularly and i have never being overweight however I am a girl and there are always those areas that even with regular exercise and healthy eating they not going to go away!! 828 fat burner has taken inches off my thighs, hips, waist and arms and best of all I didn't experience any side effects! Every girls dream:-) All in all its a fantastic product, I'm so happy with the results, works like magic and I highly recommend it:-)

I truly believe there is nothing else out there like 828
As a weight-loss product 828 was fantastic, it truly helped me push through my weight-loss plateau. I'd reached 82 kgs and was unable to lose anymore weight even after extensive dieting, eating plans, cardio and weight lifting. So i decided to give 828 a try, although i was sceptical at first due to he fact that most fat burners are stimulant based and this had no stimulants what so ever, it really did more than any caffeine product ever did or could do for me. My appetite was slightly suppressed and I didn't crave food as much. By the end of the first week of 828 id gotten down to 80 kgs without doing anything differently, by the end of the bottle id reached 78 kgs and lost 4% body fat, with minimal effort. Because there are no stimulants, I never crashed I never had jitters I never had a sleepless night, just increased metabolic rate and increased energy due to the fact that I wasn't carrying around all that extra fat. Through all the fat loss from 828 and body fat % loss I have far greater muscle definition. I truly believe there is nothing else out there like 828, nothing can beat it on price effectiveness and end results.


Not applicable for people with high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart diseases or any chronic illness and pregnant women.